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Vodafone 2-Step login Portal

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    Welcome to the Vodafone 2-step Login Portal

    Welcome to the Vodafone 2-Step Login Registration Portal

    To start, please select an option below

    Option 1: I hold an active Vodafone e-mail address

    Option 2: I do not have access to my Vodafone e-mail

    Option 3: I am an external contractor/supplier or an employee of a Vodafone Partner or Partner Market and I do not have a vodafone.com email account

    Please note:

    The 2 factor authentication service for Outlook Web Access (OWA) changed.
    You need to enrol the new Symantec 2FA token to access OWA.
    Please click here to get more information about the new token and to enroll the new token: The new Symantec 2FA Token

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    Why am I required to provide a passcode?

    2-Step Login is now in place to help protect Vodafone against unauthorised access.
    2-Step Login, or 2 factor authentication provides an additional layer of security for your Vodafone account and password, by providing an additional and unique passcode via a dedicated mobile app (preferred) or via SMS. The passcode expires after use, and prevents access to Vodafone Services from unauthorised parties.

    Who will be affected?
    Currently, any person trying to access Vodafone applications without using either the VPN or the company issued device will have to use for the 2-Step Login service before being able to succesfully login.

    How it works:

    1. Enter your email address and your password
      This is the familiar process already in place, and remains unchanged.
    2. Enter your unique passcode
      In this second step, you will be asked to provide a passcode, which was sent to you by SMS, or alternatively, available from the Mobile App you can install at the end of this registration process.